The good dog dad — 23 Comments

  1. I’m sure this moment as they came back with their big smiles, was a super beautiful moment. and that was so nice to came close for Roxy :o) … I think I prefer Roxy’s way for bike tours, we only have to look for a basket what’s big enough, but the the idea sounds super comfy :o)

  2. What fun! Glad everybody had a good time! What a gorgeous place to boondock. Hope you are feeling better Mary! Happy Seeing Beautiful!

  3. I love your lifestyle. Mary, when a man cares so much for nature and the creatures around him, you know he is special. My husband too, he is gentle with any creature we find that has a broken wing, an orphan, or just needs his way back into the shrubry for protection. He is my hero, and Al has GOT to be yours. Oh the dogs, THEY KNOW when their masters love them!

    HAVE FUN! Anita

  4. What fun, looks like they all had a great time running free. Cute pups! Have a happy weekend!

  5. That’s awesome that you found a place where Roxy could run with the bikes. We’re in Vermont right now, and Dixie is able to be off leash, she loves it. We live in a small city and she can only be off leash in my yard.

  6. Where we lived on the North Sea, everyone road their bikes and many had their dogs running along side. Mom did do it a few times with Katie, but decided she would rather run herself with Katie. Torrey seems to be having a real blast!

  7. Such a lovely, heartwarming post! You do have a great hubby. The pups look SO happy, such an ideal life for all of you. I hope you’re feeling better.

  8. Seeing Roxy and Torrey both running with the bike was adorable. But my heart filled up seeing your first picture with Torrey looking up at Al as she ran. It was so expressive and beautiful.

    So glad you decided not to skip the hop to. You really did capture some beauty.

  9. Oh Mary, yes…and our men also feel great when they know they are providing and being the leaders we all hope them to be! HAVE A FUN WEEKEND! Anita

  10. I adore these photos. There is nothing more beautiful than man and dogs having fun together! A man who loves dogs is so special…you’ve definitely got a keeper there, Mary. But you knew that. :)

  11. Sometimes the sweetest moments are the unplanned ones. I loved seeing the pure joy on Torrey’s face and your husband looks so happy to see the dogs enjoy themselves. Thanks for sharing these pics for See Beautiful!

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