The Metaphorical Door — 19 Comments

  1. I think it is only natural to feel a bit nervous as it is different than what you are used to. I am sure that the photography will go over GREAT!! You know I am a fan!! Best of luck at the shows!!

  2. I wish you WONDER and REDISCOVERY Mary, as you walk through this door. I just walked through one yesterday, and I was tickled with such joy…and it happened right here in my own home.

    There’s nothing like taking that step into the unknown. GREAT PHOTO! Anita

  3. I am so excited for you Mary! It would be wonderful to live closer so I could come and explore your wares and support your efforts and experience your creativity at work creating wonder and awe all around.

    I love the metaphorical nature of your door photo — very inviting and intriguing.

  4. You will be a big hit Mary! Your photos and frames are spectacular like the Tetons! Haves some photos of Sam Elliot in your booth also.

  5. nice photos and interesting interpretation – doors ARE – everywhere and we make choices whether to open or walk by. Glad I opened this door and walked in. Have a wonderful day and week ahead.

  6. Love your thoughts on the word “door.” You are right about the fact that you are opening a new door:) I am sure you will be very successful. I do believe your new frames with be a big hit as they show off your photos. Why aren’t you showing any of Al’s sculptures? Good luck with the show. I love your closing photo:)

    • We only have a couple sculpture to show, all the rest are in the gallery here in town. And thanks, I hope it’s successful too.

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  8. I love the door photo! And, I know you’ll do great. Your photos and your frames rock!!! Good luck and have fun!

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