The Moon and I — 16 Comments

  1. I love the moon too (and all those quotes)! When we are living in our house, I lose track of the moon’s phase. Like you, I suddenly noticed it the night before the full moon. I was out and ready for the rising of the moon the next evening. The setting of the moon is the most beautiful here because it sets over the Divide… but it was too cloudy that morning. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t looked at my images yet.

    Your images are spectacular!!!! I can see such details of the moon. I love them! I also love the silhouettes of the trees against the moon.

  2. MARY!!!!!!!!!! OK, on Friday morning on my way to work, I saw it. BIG, (though not this big), bright and pulling me toward it as it uses its gravitational powers to cause the tides to flow. It appeared like a light bulb in the sky, clothed in fog. Now, please explain something….I NEVER SEE THE MOON THIS LARGE! How do you get the moon to look so huge in photographs? Does it really look this large when you’re looking at it? How am I missing seeing the moon so huge, or is this a “camera trick?” Please let me know. I want to attempt this!

    • Hi Anita, the moon is big in these images because I took the photos with my 600mm lens. That really brings it in close, and fills the whole frame. The last photo, that I blended with the horse, the moon was pretty dang big that night. But we were out in the wide open wilds, and that makes a difference.

  3. The moon is beautiful. The full moon with its glow, but also some nights a sliver of the moon can be absolutely beautiful. Great photos.

  4. Oh wow, these are all amazing. Beautiful moon! Gorgeous post, I love them all! Have a great day and new week!

  5. “The moon and I go way back….” OMG, me too! But I usually just gaze up at it in absolute wonder as I don’t have a camera and telephoto lens. My Mom and I used to spend hours on summer nights sitting on the back patio watching the moon together.

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