The Moose Mating Dance — 18 Comments

  1. I so love the dance of love. Among our wild rabbits here, they hop over each other. The blue jays feed one another while I think the females, act very coy and fluff up their feathers to look YOUNGER (like chicks)……everyone, including the animals, put on a show to get some love. THAT, is fascinating!

  2. Hello, awesome captures of the moose. The sunrise photo is beautiful. Great post and photos. Enjoy your day!

  3. Hello, awesome shots of the moose. I love them all. The sunrise is beautiful too. Have a great day!

  4. it is great to watch this wonderful animals via your cam…. mr. moose shows even a a little smile, bet that’s the sign that he found the perfect match :O)

  5. Oh yeah, I’d definitely say that dance was a good as accepting an engagement ring! ;) Beautiful, fascinating photos, and the dance series is amazing. I love that sunrise pic, it’s now in the top of my all-time favorites. There’s something about those rocky dunes cutting into the reflection of the sunlight on the water that gives it an almost 3D look and the change of texture and color is so stark and real. I love it.

    • Thanks. I kinda love that photo too. I may need to blow it up and find a place for it. It’s a reminder of the beautiful mornings I have here.

  6. Amazing and incredible photography. Wow. A question – what happens to last year’s calf during the mating season. I know that the calves spend the winter with their moms. Do they stick around during mating season or leave and then get back together with their moms before winter?

    Your photography is spectacular!

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