The Quest for Survival — 11 Comments

  1. I am as always, in awe of how your camera captures so beautiful what you see and how you are ‘one unit’.

    Love the photo of the two moose looking right at you!

    Enjoy your ‘last’ day there. <3

  2. I like seeing both the big and little getting ready for winter :-)
    Nice job getting the moose couple to pose for you; maybe they’ll use the picture for their seasonal cards this winter?

  3. I don’t blame you for not wanting to leave, what a paradise you found. I didn’t realize female moose also fight! I love the “happy couple” posing for you. :) You can date those manmade structures by the nail shapes, there are lots of sources online that show you the shape along with the time frame when they were made. I love the idea that people survived so far from society. Boy, would I LOVE to bring my archaeology organization there!!

  4. Oh, you extended your stay…yay! More wonderful photos for us! :) We have a lot of chipmunks around our new home, and they are truly so much fun to watch. They are not real timid either so we can get quite close (now I’d better get my camera out there too!). I wonder if it’s just the photos, but our chippies here in NH seem a little different in coloring….more chestnut brown.

  5. Love the chipmunk photos, fantastic captures!
    Thank you for sharing your friend’s photos, great shots! The cabin, all by hand!!

  6. The elk cows do that same thing during mating season. It happens so fast and stops really quickly… I’m glad your friend got those photos. And I’m happy that you got out of the way of that bull. Moose have my utmost respect after being the object of their chases a few times. I give them a HUGE berth.

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