The reason we haven’t left for Arizona yet — 28 Comments

  1. Since you aren’t winter lovers, think on the bright side – winter is long and you will be out of there soon! Gorgeous tables, amazing and such a talent. How great Al’s sons are also as talented! This year you will appreciate AZ a bit more than usual after being in the cold for a bit.

  2. What beautiful work and story! Mom really understands the woodworking thing, her dad was very talented too, he wasn’t really artistic but he could build beautiful furniture from plans. Mom got two pieces after her mom died. Both of her brothers, one is artistic in metal sculpture and the other is good with wood too. I can tell how proud you are, you have every reason to be. Love Dolly

  3. Those tables are absolutely AWESOME!!! I just love them! Your husband is an amazing woodworker…and artist!! My husband admires his work all the time. He is just a small time woodworker. I sure hope you get to your warmth and sunshine soon Mary! It must be hard with the RV and those really cold temps!! Glad you have a warm place to shower!

  4. The woodwork is exquisite!

    I just returned from AZ to Oakley, UT. I can’t wait to return to AZ in early Dec. – wondering where your art show will be in case I’m in the area.

  5. Wow!! Those are going to be absolutely stunning when they’re done – beautiful, talented work there! I love the idea of the trees and the paws…sure hope you can keep warm and dry enough til Arizona. With all the beauty you bring to this world, you deserve the warmth!

  6. Wow, that is Gorgeous furniture, Al is super talented! I can’t believe it’s that cold in Utah too. The Arizona sun waits for you, Mary – get your butts down here! Where is the AZ show going to be? Would love to stop by.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  7. They are going to be absolutely beautiful when they are finished! Your husband is very talented just like you! Have a great Thanksgiving and stay warm!

  8. Al’s work is fabulous! My husband is a talented woodworker too so I know – or I can guess – how much time he has already given to this project. (Before my husband’s stroke last March, he made hand spindles and other tools for hand spinners.)

  9. What an awesome photo, that is so special! Those tables are absolutely beautiful. Hope you get out of there and on to the warmer weather soon!
    We used to have a seasonal camper at a campground that opened up early and closed late in the season, and we always spent every weekend of the whole season there, no matter the weather. So I understand about the cold and camping not always going together….but we always had the option to go home!

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