The Rhythm of the Desert — 13 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, those burros’ ears make me LAUGH! The looks on their faces, as if they are totally suspicious of who they see…teeeheheee

    Thank you for bringing your world into the picture!

  2. Hello, I think I would love the desert too. I love your sweet dogs, beautiful photos. The Wild Burros are so cute, love them. The Hummingbirds are just lovely, gorgeous photos. The heart rocks are great finds, yes next time ask for a gold nugget. Have a happy day and new week.

  3. You’ve definitely found your RVing rhythm. My Al didn’t always like the desert, but now we both embrace it and it has become “home”.

  4. Those hummingbird photos are amazing!!!!

    And those heart rocks are awesome. I have collected heart rocks since my daughters were tiny — and I’ve never found ones quite as perfect as a couple of those! Lovely.

    YOur lifestyle brings me peace just reading about it!Thanks.

  5. I have a feeling we are camping very near you. Love those heart rocks. We climbed up Pilot Knob Butte/Mountain at the end of Sidewinder Road and I8 yesterday. Great views of Mexico and the Imperial SandDunes from the top.

    We’re heading northward tomorrow.

    • We are east of Ogilby road. We have stayed were you are before, and always liked it. We are liking this new to us place too. I would love to find that hike, that sounds great! We will leave here and go to Ogilby Road before we need to go to the dentist March 9th. Closer to Algodones, and I want to go to the sand dunes again. Brrrrrr, too cold to head north for us just yet.

  6. I can see why it was easy to turn Al into a desert lover, and why you are willing to stay where you are for a while longer. I’ve always been one that wants things planned and settled, and “going with the flow” comes hard. But I think I could learn in places like this!

  7. Go with the flow – and it’s a mighty nice flow! I love Torrey with her fur blowing around, and I loved seeing Roxy join in the run to the camera game. Your hummer photos are spectacular, and I have a soft spot in my heart for burros. I love their ears! That looks like a great spot!

  8. You know how I love me some Torrey photos, she’s got that sexy model look down pat.

    And don’t you love when your senior dog has that ‘puppy’ energy? I love when Sampson has that hitch in his giddy up! I bet you love seeing it with Roxy!

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