The rhythm of the desert — 22 Comments

  1. OH MARY!!!!!!!!!! Al’s horses are SPECTACULAR! My favorite animal of all time, beautifully captured! Many of us who create love to either put on some music or stand by the seashore to write or paint by, and Al has the perfect “studio”: the quiet of the dessert. It can’t get any better! And what fab photos today! OH! Do you take your photos in RAW?

  2. I see beautiful sculptures here. Love how you capture the texture, Mary.
    Can’t imaging being out there watching the sunset… Stunning!

  3. Hello, beautiful series of images. The horse sculptures are awesome. Love the doggie and sky shots. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Welcome home. I can tell you are happy to be back in your element. Al is sooo fricken talented – gorgeous. Enjoy those amazing desert skies. They are the best!

  5. I used to think I wouldn’t like the desert, but your photos make me want to go there.
    Beautiful sculpture Al’s working on too.

  6. Welcome home! It’s so nice to know that you have a place that makes you feel so alive doesn’t it? You make a cactus look amazing!

  7. Mary, I can see why you love coming back to the desert. Those saguaros are magnificent, and the sunsets so saturated with color! And your husband’s work looks amazing!

  8. I can feel your passion for the desert in your words and photos; you sound much like I do when I’m immmersed in the woods. Every little thing is unique, every bit is awe-striking, inspiring and lifegiving. I love that you can live in your passion.
    Al’s sculpture is gorgeous, even unfinished. And Torrey is beautiful as always. I hope her leg heals soon.

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