The Small and the Graceful to the Big and the Gnarly — 20 Comments

  1. Welcome back Mary! It seems like forever since I’ve seen your posts!


    I need nature in my life every day, and if I have a bummer of a day, all I want really is to have a creature near me; we don’t have any pets YET (not until one of us retires) and I really need to have at least a dog. A horse would be nice, but that ain’t happening for these city folks!

    Those swans….what elegance.

  2. Hello, I love the Trumpeter Swan family. The little ones are so cute. The bison shots are awesome, so close. I hope you had a good zoom while taking those bison photos.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. We have swans and swan families in the lake at the park where I walk, and they’re one of my favorite photo subjects. So beautiful. Love those bison too – the very definition of “powerful”.

  4. Wow, those pics are all amazing! I didn’t know that a baby swan was called a cygnet. So I learned something new here today! Bonus. The reflection pics are my fave. I want to cuddle one of those babies too!

  5. What a contrast between the graceful swans and their reflections (beautifully captured)… and the huge bison. Wow!!!!!

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