The Tumco ghost town — 21 Comments

  1. Very interesting history lesson. We modern day humans sure have gotten soft! I can’t imagine surviving in all that dry, dirty heat! Not to mention going deep into those mines!

    Also very interesting that they still mine for gold!

  2. you’ve already struck it rich; but maybe you will find some gold and be wealthy. Did you bring a metal detector?

  3. Wow. These types of history really fascinate me, not to mention the intrigue of the old west. It’s pretty cool that you get to experience that first hand.

    I had thought more of the buildings would have been made of wood, but I imagine there weren’t a lot of trees around there, huh? So to be frugal they would have had to use what was available, but somehow I just never thought of hospitals in the 1800’s.

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. How interesting! Have you ever thought of using one of those metal detectors? You could find some fun stuff I bet! We are looking forward to our road trip to Vegas in May so we can see some new country for a change. Love Dolly

  5. Sounds like an interesting visit. Loved that comment about special characters. Can you imagine living in 120 degree weather before there was air conditioning? Yikes! That’s more than enough to fry the brain.

  6. What a fascinating place. Love the pictures. Michigan has many such ghost towns. Most in the Upper Peninsula that were old mining towns or having to do with mining. One is now a state park and we have visited often. It is interesting to see how the people lived when those towns were in their heyday.

  7. Very cool! Well, actually very hot in the summer! It is incredible to know what people went through to live not so long ago…

  8. We visited several ghost towns when I was younger and I’ve always found them fascinating. It’s so cool to imagine how people lived at that time, and also makes you glad for some of the things you have.

  9. My favorite part….antique garbage!! Love that!! :) What a cool place to visit!! You have no idea how much I miss being on the road…and the way the stock market has been going…it remains to be seen if we will actually be able to go this year. REALLY hoping we still can!! Happy Travels to you!!

  10. Did you find the nugget guys? That sure is an interesting area, amazing what people accomplished without all the technology we have now!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. Woah, that is so cool! I’ve never been to the desert or visited a ghost town, glad you took such amazing pics so I could feel like I was there :)

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