There’s water under those leaves — 27 Comments

  1. Poor Roxie. Glad she could just shake it off and keep going. Great fall shots too. I remember what seems like about a year ago, you said you were going to just use your phone from now on for photos. I guess you must have missed the camera. Enjoy, Mom loves using her DSLR, it can be a pain to carry along, but it takes such nice pics.

  2. Poor Roxy what a shock. We are having lovely weather at the moment too so keeping our fingers crossed it lasts as well. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Well that must have been a shock for both of you. It was a nice quite week end for us to. Did some yard clean up and picked all our corn we grew that has dried nicely. Got flu shots. I must say your pictures are stunning. Glad you got to enjoy the canyon. I would fear to thread during the hunt. Be sure and wear orange.

  4. A new camera how exciting! And poor Roxy she’s probably glad you didn’t take her picture. I understand what you say about the weather, we had a surprise storm at 6am so took a later walk, absolutely gorgeous sunny and warm! Love Dolly

  5. Oh, poor Roxy! I feel for you, getting that nasty little shock! But at least Mom didn’t compound your embarrassment by catching it on film! :) Reminds me of when we lived in Canada and our beagle walked out on the frozen stream – and fell through the ice! The hubs was wondering if he was going to have to plunge out there after her (it wasn’t deep – but still, not fun) when she managed to heave herself up and outta there. Then she started devil-dogging around like mad!

  6. Roxie must have been shocked! Gorgeous photos. Fall is just beginning here with a little yellow and gold here and there. Looking forward to the maples really hitting their stride.

  7. Hi Y’all!

    Oh,poor Roxy! Swimming is fun, but only when you’re hot or really want to retrieve something! A surprise swim in NEVER fun!

    Hey, my Human always misses the best shots too!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  8. Poor Roxy. That sounds scary.

    But, you got some beautiful photos!!!!!! We have to deal with the hunt here too. We wear hunter orange, and we bought our pups Ruffwear blaze orange vests. It gives us some peace of mind.

    Here’s to good weather!

  9. So Roxy took a little unexpected dip in the water huh? Happy to hear (and see) that she is fine. Your photos are incredible by the way. Really enjoyed looking at them.

  10. Good morning, Mary! HOW ARE YOU? I see you are having just as a beautiful of an autumn as we are here in Minnesota. Our colors are so spectacular AND the weather is so mild! When driving on the road, one has to be very cautious to not get too distracted by the beauty! Your dogs are adorable, and I bet they are loving the walks.

    Thank you so much for coming over to visit. I loved what you said about you living on wheels….and that home is in your heart. AMEN! Enjoy! Anita

  11. Great pics… I have been in the same situation. For me it was when Riley jumped in the SF Bay with her service vest on… I dropped my camera and grabbed her :) I’m glad that Roxy was okay and got safely back to shore :)

  12. I’m exactly the same way! I don’t think to grab the camera until the crisis is over. LOL Glad Roxy was okay and found her way back to shore.

  13. Poor Roxy, that must have been a not very nice surprise for her! You are a good Mom worrying about her before worrying about taking a picture! Though we would have loved to see it…LOL.

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