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  1. Wow, the first shot of the bison is awesome. And I love the cute chiper! Great closeups! Have a happy Tuesday!

  2. Wow! Capturing a chipmunk close up is no easy feat. Those little critters are skittish and always in motion!

  3. Brilliant close ups; particularly like the bison and thinking it might make a good Christmas gift for my nephew – going to start shopping soon I think.

    Mary – what size telephoto are you using to get your bison shots? I know you’re keeping a respectful distance :-)

    • Thanks for liking the bison shot, it was a good one for sure. I am using a 70-300mm telephoto. So not that huge really. Sometimes you get lucky and they just walk right towards the truck like this guy did. And yes, Christmas will be here soon I suppose.

  4. Each photo I looked at, I said “That’s my favorite!” So I guess they’re all just so outstanding that they’re ALL my favorites. Those flowers are so soft and beautiful, and the crispness and detail on the bison is amazing – I feel like I’m right there (taking cover! LOL). Beautiful work, Mary.

  5. Fantastic. I can see you’re gathering quite a few new “marketable” shots. I know if I had a house, I’d be interested ;-)

  6. I can only only imagine what an awesome animal those bison must be up close and in person. All beautiful shots!

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