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  1. Hello! I am so sorry you had a tough week. But thankful all is okay. I have not been blogging much as I have been busy with our active life and I am more on instagram. I am going to try to blog more. Crossing my fingers for that.
    Your photos are spectacular. We are loving this lush desert. The wildflowers are superb!
    Prayers for you and your sweet ones!

  2. My friend, when I came to the part in your post about the “stroke-like symptoms”, I just said, “OH NO….” – I also read an Instagram post yesterday of an incident with an Instagrammer’s spouse and it was too much to bear. I am SO RELIEVED that Al is fine, and I’ve had those kind of panic attacks before too. You are so right; it is imperative that we not take one another for granted and every day is the perfect opportunity to live to the fullest in love. I send you my sincerest wishes for a much easier and happy road ahead as we go into spring. Your photos are marvelous.

  3. Hello, I am so glad your Al is ok. I am sure being tested is the right thing to do, for peace of mind. Sending prayers for you, Al and the sweet dogs. Enjoy your day and the new week ahead.

  4. Glad it wasn’t more serious! How scary! That whole insurance thing sucks. Mom pays so much in premiums she can’t afford to even use it because the deductible is so high. They don’t cover emergencies either, so we have a ton of expenses coming up with the broken ankle. It’s bad enough to have a health issue, but the bills really keep you from getting proper treatment sometimes which isn’t right. We are not into politics, but out one hope is that the healthcare thing gets improved because the way it is, it is not usable for those of us who are not employed. Premiums and deductibles have doubled in the past few years and it can’t go on. Take care of yourselves.

    • Ya, this whole insurance thing sucks badly. Makes it so hard to make wise health decisions. We can’t afford the monthly bill, so have always opted out. Plus, we don’t have a house anywhere and that excludes us too. We need national health like Canada has.

  5. You must have been terrified! So glad he is okay. Interesting, I’ve seldom thought about the choices one is forced to make because one doesn’s have insurance. In Canada, we’d be automatically covered for that initial doctor or hospital visit. Which, given for Al it was an anxiety attack, it must add to the anxiety. I am so happy to hear he is feeling better and that the desert is providing the calm and serenity you need — and the beauty too! Hugs to both of you and Torrey and Roxy too!

  6. Oh Dear God what a horrible, horrible scare. You must have been beyond terrified. So glad you went to the hospital and I am even more glad that there was NO evidence of a stroke. Thank GOD!!!!!

  7. Amen to that! I am just so relieved for you and Al that he is OK. Panic attacks can be so scary. This kind of thing is SO stressful for everyone. I’m glad you have the dogs and your photography to help bring you back to even again.

  8. I can only imagine how frightening that must have been and add to that, you were so far away from getting help. I’m so glad Al is going to be OK.


  9. Oh my goodness – how scary! But I’m glad the test results all came back okay. (I agree – we should have healthcare like Canada. I don’t think it’s right that companies make money off of sick people, and people can’t just go to the doctor/ER when they need to because they are worried about the crazy-expensive bills. There has to be a better way. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are very powerful so I can’t see things changing much any time soon.)

    I’m glad you have some beautiful nature – and of course your beautiful pups – for distraction.

    • Healthcare here is a mess, that’s for sure. I worked in a hospital for 15 years and saw it all first hand. Right now, nature is our cure all.

  10. Absolutely nothing is more therapeutic than being surrounded by beauty and the ones you love. I hope you find the heart healing you need.

  11. I have thought of you often since reading your account of this on FB. I’m so incredibly relieved that Al is okay. That was a terrifying story.

    Your incredible flower photos are almost lost with the drama of the story but they show the vibrance of life there in the desert. I hope that the beauty helps you and Al to relax and heal. I’ll be thinking of you.

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