Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 27 Comments

  1. Those set ups are amazing! Glad you had some fun with the exception of that rude morning wake up! I wish Mom could carry me around in a bag, but forty pounds is too much she tells me.

  2. Other than the rude early morning awakening, that looks like so much fun, Torrey! Roxy looks so cute in the bag….good thing you are happier at home anyway, since you wouldn’t fit in a bag very well! It must be sad to know the rendezvous season is over, but I bet you will find other fun things to do also.

  3. Hey Roxy… what a ride in the bag! Are you a big girl? I bet that it wasn’t easy for your mom to carry you around!

    Ooooh, the cannons sound scary!

  4. Roxy looks so cute in her travel bag. Torrey – a cannon to wake you up sounds a bit uncivilized! Rita would not be happy about that. (Especially since she LOVES to sleep in!) Looks like a fun time!

  5. Awww Roxy looks very comfortable in that bag there. Sounds like you guys have had an excellent time at this Rendevous! I may have said this before, but I really like that outfit your mom has.

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