Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 26 Comments

  1. My mom is always amazed at how we remember everything too! It is beautiful but this is the time of year where there is so much beauty! Wildlife chasing is against our rules too, but I could care less about the rule and I chase when I can, my sister Katie is a better follower of the rules. I just can’t shake my hunting instinct and I think Bailie may be even worse than I am.

  2. So glad you got to go back to a favorite spot and enjoy the fall colors. Your mom is getting sooooooooo great with picture taking. I love the photo with the red and yellow in it. It should be made into an 8×10 and framed for my wall in my art studio to look at while I’m working on gourds. Love and hugs aunt Mary

  3. It is amazing how dogs remember places! (Our beagle would never forget any spots where she once found some food on the ground!) Looks like a lovely walk! LOVE the fall!

  4. Wow, it is beautiful there. I see why you’ve been in the same spot for a while. It’s your old stomping grounds. It is amazing how well dogs remember places, even if you go there for only a few days out of the year. We tend to “make the rounds” to our favorite places every summer… and no doubt, the dogs remember each one in great detail.

    Thanks for sharing those spectacular photos.

  5. What a beautiful day! How nice you got to visit the place where you used to live, and enjoy the walk in the canyon. Our beagle Kobi used to spend time with our elderly neighbors….they have been gone for years and years now, but when we walk by their former house, he still wants to go into their yard! You dogs have great memories.

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