Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 26 Comments

  1. We can’t wait for real winter and a nice snowstorm. Fall is pretty much done and until we get some snow, it is just ugly outside!

  2. The weather here is supposed to get very nasty this weekend! Not sure if I will be looking forward to that! Glad you guys got a nice hike before winter really hits.

  3. this weather is not for the weak at heart. Its just a reminder that winter is here and just around the bend is a new spring and summer. Oh spring come quickly fill my heart with warmth and joy; followed by summer filling my soul once more.

  4. It’s suppose to turn cold here tomorrow…sleet and snow:( We would have chased those little turkeys! You two were really good not to chase them!

  5. We’re definitely missing the fresh garden tomatoes already. I don’t know if the thought of strapping on the snowshoes and hitting the sparkly white trail with the black and chocolate labs is going to make up for how much I love fall!

  6. What a great day!! Mum is ready for all the leaves to be gone, she’s been raking for days and days. Still have several big piles to get rid of.

  7. Oh Torrey, I wish I had fall weather!! Some days here, it still feels like Summer what with the heat and never a leaf changing color. I am glad you and Roxy had a FAB time running in the woods!
    *Cairn cuddles*

  8. Love the picture of a blurry Torrey, that shows me you are having fun. We are eeking every little bit we can out of fall. Some of our trees still have leaves, but the weather has turned much colder.

  9. That looks like a perfect day, Torrey. Our weather has been up and down a lot….cold some days and warmer the next. We get out for longer walks on the warmer days and a bit shorter on the cold ones. We’ll get used to the cold eventually!

  10. You were so fast that you were a blurrrrrrr, Torrey! I’m glad your mom is feeling better, and you can enjoy the tail end of fall. We have winter here today so your tale made me a little jealous.

  11. OO I understand the feeling Roxy. Sometimes it’s just one of those days and it’s hard to escape it. Keep at it. I’m glad even though your mom was tired she still took you out for your stroll. Happy Thursday!

  12. What a great day!!! The human always take multiple shots and hope there are some not so bad shots of Donna doing the zoomies. XD Most times it’s all bad thought lol.

  13. Fun, fun, fun! We love hiking in the cooler weather. For some reason, it brings out more of the zoomies… well, for Maya anyway. Pierson is not allowed off-leash except in our backyard. He does his zoomies there.

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