Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 22 Comments

  1. Our person always appreciates it when your mom includes the flower pictures. She says you and Roxy always look awesome, but she likes the silly plants too!

    Have fun meeting up with fellow dog-bloggers – hope that means there’s extra biscuits in your future :-)

  2. Your mom is right, you are a super model, I enjoyed your photos! My mom says you’re right Torrey, the noise of the guns are very scary and she is always happy when the shooting is over. It’s great that your mom will visit Blogpaws, I hope she has a wonderful time thre.

  3. Torrey,
    I have to agree with your mom that you are a great model. And I think she’s very lucky to have you to encourage her to get out for fresh air and walks.

  4. Yay! You’re coming to BlogPaws! That’s wonderful news, you are so close and always on the road it makes perfect sense. And yes, Torrey is a perfect model and you take perfect pictures of flowers. If you want to link up to my blog hop I’d really appreciate it! Love Dolly

  5. Well We want to go walking some time with you guys. I doubt that Reggie and Ollie and I could keep up with you guys but maybe if you go on a short walk we could tag along. The weather has been cold and windy but now is over. Today will be sunny, warm and maybe The doggies will get a much needed bath. The week is supposed to be great! Sending hugs!

  6. Great photos! Looks like such a nice area.
    Can’t wait to read about the fun you’ll have at BlogPaws!

  7. I’m SO mad I’m going to miss you at BlogPaws!! Had I known you were going I would have tried harder. :-(

    As for Miss Torrey, well you are a beautiful model, but you mentioned snakes. Have you ever encountered a snake on one of your hikes? Typically how do the dogs handle the snakes? I’d be too worried Delilah would barge right in and get bit.

    Thanks so much for joining the blog hop! Glad to have you!!

    • Jodi I so wish you were going too. It’s not like I haven’t changed my mind 100 times in the past 6 months though. Snakes…Hopefully this won’t jinx us, but we have seen one snake and that was last week. Neither dog even saw it. I worry about Torrey though. She is always sticking her head in bushes, where they like to hang out. They have classes in Arizona for dogs to teach them about snakes and to stay away from them, I would love to do that with Torrey.

  8. What great photos! Especially love that first one – Torrey looks so happy :-)

  9. The photos are beautiful, so glad you got to get out there, Torrey.

    Yay for having a flexible lifestyle!! Is this your Mom’s first time going to BlogPaws, or has she been before? We won’t be there this year, but are hoping for next year. Enjoy!

  10. Thanks so much for joining the hop. I wonder what our dogs, who are used to gunfire, would think of the sound of those old rifles? Beautiful pictures Torrey. Have fun at Blog Paws. :)

  11. Torrey, we have a lot in common! I’m not fond of gunshots, either and Mom says I’m her best model. I wish I were going to BlogPaws. I’m worried that Mom will have dog withdrawals without me.


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