Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 19 Comments

  1. Torrey you are as stunning as ever and so is the sunset. Sorry about your Mom’s WP problems. I only get emails when new people comment, I don’t request them for anyone else. I am super sick so I am probably not blogging the rest of the week, oh well.

  2. OH Beautiful Sunset. You know who is going to be in Wy, our buddy Goose. Love Torrey photos. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    Yes we are having WP issues too … there r times we don’t get an email that someone comments and if we have 2 posts in a day, 1 is only showing on the email feed. Golden Woofs

  3. Spectacular! How lulck you are to see such beauty in your travels! Keep those Thursday thoughts coming! XOXO

  4. Wow…that is an amazing sunset!

    I know what your Mom means…I get super frustrated when things aren’t working right on my blog. It kind of makes me want to curl up into the fetal position :)

  5. Enjoy just hanging out, you look great doing it. Hope your blog issues get resolved. That stuff drives my mom over the edge too but she can’t unplug. Have a fun weekend!

  6. No! Don’t stop blogging!!! If you do that I will miss out on some awesome and adorable photos. That sunrise is breathtaking, but not as breathtaking as Miss Torrey. :)

  7. Torrey, you sure are looking gorgeous! I’m glad that none of you tangled with the porcupine! Ugh – we’ve experienced that when we were backpacking many miles from any road. We had to use plyers to pull the quills out of our dog’s face. Horrible.

    Please don’t stop blogging forever!!! We’d miss you.

  8. At least you had that beautiful sunset to cheer you all up, when other things were being frustrating.
    We also weren’t getting all of our emails when someone commented, but I guess it fixed itself.
    Torrey, you’ve definitely got the looking adorable thing down to an art!

  9. What a beautiful sunrise!!

    That’s too bad about the porcupine, but you don’t want to tangle with one of them!!

    As for Mom’s problems with wordpress, I know there is an update. Has she updated? That might be part of the problem. :-(

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