Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 27 Comments

  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful place. When we used to camp a lot, we always loved state parks. They are some very nice ones out there.

  2. Look at that wind blowing in your fur and that smile on your furry face…you look so happy and that whole water scene looks so inviting! Hope you keep your internet service! Is there even life without internet???

  3. your Mom is right, The photos of you standing by the water (well actually ALL of them) are beautiful, but I love the ones by the water the best! There are so many “textures” going on in those photos, from the curls of the waves of the water and the white foam, to the rocks, and they all match and compliment the patterns/colors of your gorgeous fur! Wonderful photos!

  4. We are not going to be able to do much traveling or camping this year so we are enjoying your pictures and adventures. And yes, you do look beautiful, quite the photogenic pooch.

  5. Oh, Torrey, you are definitely beautiful in those photos – but, then, you’re always beautiful!

    I’ve never taken Rita to the beach with waves. We always go to the bay. I need to take her and see what she thinks of the waves!

  6. Your Mom is right Torrey…these are gorgeous photos…found your Park on the map…you’re getting close to the coast…are you going to get to the Pacific this trip? Oregon is so much different than where you spent the winter

  7. Beautiful country out there!! I really miss being on the road! Safe travels!!

  8. Gorgeous! We are taking a driving honeymoon to the west coast and can’t wait for Oregon!

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