Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 18 Comments

  1. Well your Mom should write in a travel magazine and have her pictures published she writes so well and her photos are award winning. You couldn’t have found a better spot to camp and be able to enjoy a sunset and put your paws in the water.

  2. Not in that area but since it looks so pretty and peaceful, maybe I should be in that area! Happy 4th of July!

  3. Cute butt picture Torrey :)

    So here we are again…both you AND one of my best friends (with a new baby is in Jackson and the gears are turning in my head of how to get out there :)

  4. Oregon is so beautiful Torrey I know you had a super time exploring that world…Be safe on your travels and keep posting these gorgeous photos

  5. I just wanted to wish you guys a late Happy 4th of July too! Wow I have never been to Oregon! I never thought it was so beautiful!!

  6. Great photos, Torrey. How nice to have the river right there to cool your paws off in when it’s hot and muggy!

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