Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 19 Comments

  1. Enough of those river shots…even my mom wants to go take a dip in that water. It just looks so pristine and inviting! At least you know you will be back there soon.

  2. What a beautiful place, Torrey. It looks so lovely with the river and the breeze blowing through your fur! Glad you will be able to go back again soon!

  3. Oh Torrey, you look so happy! I wish I could join you in that river. The cool breeze sounds delightful.

  4. I can see why you would want to stay there! “Cool” sounds like a wonderful thing this time of year!

  5. You look so happy and cool and comfy! Rita would LOVE to dip her toes in that river with you! I bet you two could have a lot of fun. (As long as you didn’t meet on-leash first… she’s not great with that… working on it!)

    Enjoy your time there!! (how could you not??)

  6. Hope you have a great time Torrey! Are you sure you’re not a doggy model? You look so beautiful with the wind in your fur like that!

  7. It always feels great to come home Torrey…I’m sure you’ve got many smells and sniffs to catch up on before you take off again…Have a fabulous Thursday

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