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Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 40 Comments

  1. My hair is standing up on my head a lot too, mom says it is a case of permanent bed head! Sometimes words fail us but we surely enjoy good photos, they sometimes can say more than words! Have a pawsome day!

  2. That’s OK you had an empty head day, love the photos, Torrey, and I love the hairdo too! I think I am going to try that on my golden retriever, Sheba, since her hair is always a mess too!

  3. Yous is a gorgeous girl!
    Mes loves that yous had a empty head and wes could see these great shots of yous!

  4. You’re not alone Torrey…When I was young I only had hair right down the middle on my head…a natural mohawk…Mom would gel it up and threaten to die it blue…Hoomins!

  5. There’s nothing wrong with having an empty head day. We all get those. I do love Torrey’s pictures though, especially the “did you see that?” one :)

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