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Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 33 Comments

  1. I love your lashes and everything about your sweet self!! You look so soft too!

  2. They are cute and different! I’m not surprised they make your momma want to kiss your face. Casper is the one who loves me to play with his face. The girls are okay with it, but Casper pushes his face into my hands. It’s very endearing.

  3. Oh, your special lashes are beautiful – just like you!

    I used to love our angel Bailey’s whiskers – they were all black on one side, with a single white one on that side, then all white on the other side with a single black one. Mommas notice the special things about their pups!

  4. Those are definitely some pretty adorable eyelashes. If mom ever gets mad at you, just bat them at her a few times. ;)

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