Thursday thoughts with Torrey — 40 Comments

  1. You are just the sweetest pup ever Torrey! I like your cave too! Where’s your buddy today? Really cute pix and Torrey always looks sooo perfectly groomed!

  2. Super cute! To be honest, I am not a frisbee kinda guy, I much prefer a ball. My “man cave” is under the coffee table! BOL! Have a great day!

  3. Morning moments with Mary:::: Well Ollie is digging a gain but its because we have gophers tunneling in the yard. Uncle Mike just got the back yard looking spiffy and this happened. Its really not a hole but a pit! Anyway I had a great idea!!!!!! An idea to help the dogs learn how to fetch with out exhausting myself who ends up retrieving the ball. Well I thought if I tie a ball to a rope and throw it I could pull the rope and ball up with out having to pick it up. So far so good, right? Nope they just laid down and watched me throw it and pull the rope up. I took the rope off the ball and threw it and sure enough they went and got it and started chewing it I slapped my hands on my leg and yelled for them to bring it to me. They just stared at me! They will not fetch anything for me. They just play with each other. Any ideas out there?

  4. Lovely thoughts! Maya and Pierson love their Kong Flyer, but neither of them can catch it in the air. Can Torrey?

  5. Wowwie! I LOVE my frisbee! I got my first one this summer and I love, love, love it too!
    And you sure look like a fun puppy to play with!
    Cinnamon at the Cat From Hell!

  6. My first Cardi, Dylan, loved his frisbee so much, he would actually swim under water to get it when he dropped it in the nearby stream he used for cooling off.

  7. I’d say your thoughts seem pretty in line with what my dogs are usually thinking, Torrey! Those are definitely all good thoughts, and great photos too.

  8. Keeping the Frisbee is sometimes a thing Elka likes trying. Or she just wants to make sure it’s good and “dead”, and so safe to give me!

  9. Hahaha, that’s adorable. Torrey sure loves her frisbee. At least, in your mind she does. Maybe she hates it and wants to tear it apart ;)

    In my mind, Beamer is a literary genius. He just can’t express himself because he can’t speak or have thumbs. It’s a tragedy, really. In reality, Beamer probably only has one thought. “Food. Food. Food. Food. Food.”


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