Thursday thoughts with Torrey and a #Giveaway — 53 Comments

  1. Gizmo and i would take this wonderful backpack on our hiking & geocaching adventures…It would be perfect for carrying treats, snacks, water and the stuff we use for geocaching, including pens & paper and small trade items…

  2. We already won one a couple weeks back. It is amazing what all is in there and that backpack is great! Four dogs will sure be lucky to win!

  3. We would love some Frosty Paws treats! Yum, yum! And that backpack would be great to take with us when we go for long hikes or walks. Phe gets to do more of that stuff than we do but mom could use it for her! Have a great Thursday!

  4. Wow ice cream! we all scream for ice cream around here. How generous of Frosty paws and Roxy for this great give away.

  5. We are really hoping to get back into hiking this fall, and I think this backpack has a lot of the things we would need for that!

  6. Oh Roxy…how I would love to have my very own backpack for my camping adventures! Oh, I gotta keep my paws crossed for a win (since I rarely win anything). BOL
    *Cairn cuddles*

  7. We Beaglebratz due our hikin’in the city butt we know our mom wood love the bag tue carry our stuff in when we go walkin’or when we due our therapy vizitz – we wood love tue enter.
    Shiloh’n Diva Shasta

  8. Roxy & Torrey Momz & and just got an email that we won one of these…Yipppeee!! so please don’t include us in your giveaway so some other lucky pup has a better chance

  9. I would use that backpack when we go hiking with Rita in the canyons here around San Diego. She gets hot so easily, we are waiting until the summer is over before we start hiking with her again.

  10. Loving this giveaway, I’d use this backpack every day on my walk, in case Cosmo and I get a little hot – assuming mum will fill it up with yummy stuff everyday?! :)


    Your pal Snoopy :)

  11. I would donate the backpack to the stuff the bus campaign for families that are struggling to provide their children with school supplies.

  12. Great stuff. We share our ice cream but we have to make sure it doesn’t have chocolate. It’s so nice of you to do the giveaway. Stay cool, my friend!

  13. We won’t be entering the giveaway since we already got some from Frosty Paws. But I have to admit they make a fun, cold treat on a hot day. I give Honey the entire cup to slow her down instead of dumping it in a food bowl. But she’s awfully fast at licking it out.

    BTW, when I saw the title, I was looking forward to a pretty picture of Torrey. But all I saw was fuzzy ears and a nose stuck in her dog bowl. :) Oh well, I guess there’s always next Thursday.

  14. We haven’t tried Frosty Paws yet, but we keep reading about how great they are – we might just have to try them (maybe for our gotcha day surprise party!) Thanks for joining the Hop always glad to have you Roxy & Torrey!

  15. I’d take the backpack with me on any of our longer walks (we have a walking/biking path near us that allows dogs) and when we go to places like the Indiana Dunes State Park, where we walk for long stretches without having other sources of water, etc. It would be perfect!

  16. That backpack would be perfect to take all our toys and fun stuff on our camping trip to the lake in WI this summer!

  17. I have a little/ big puppy that would love this for his hikes to bring his goodies!

  18. We would use it all the time! I’m thinking hikes, walks, and definitely could use it on our upcoming doggie friendly trip to CO!

  19. We have so much hiking stuff we are actually giving some of our own away :) I have never given Frosty Paws to Chester and Gretel though. I have tried some of the other brands but have not seen these. Looks like you guys enjoyed them :)

  20. I would use it when i take my Sissy on her 3 daily walks. We walk up hills and for a few miles. This would be great for carrying all her “stuff”.

  21. I would use it when hiking with the dogs in the mountains or the trails of the falls. It would also be great to take on long walks at the lake and beach.

  22. I would use the backpack for…traveling on vacation, going out on our boat for the day, going to the beach, going on a picnic, hiking, and having a doggie party with Schooner and Skipper at home in the backyard by the pool.

  23. Bentley and I would use this backpack when we go on our many adventures to the park, events, and camping

  24. I would use it every day on walks, for holding water, treats, plastic baggies, and a toy! :)

  25. We’d use this everywhere, really! I like to be prepared with all the basic necessities and then some when we take HufflePup out on any excursion, day trip or for weeks at a time. We’re using a tote bag right now but I have to confess that he’ll poke his head into the tote to check for treats. A zippered bag would be great :)

  26. would use the backpack when we go camping to put all of Kona my granddogs treats, toys, dishes and the like in to keep them all together, plus Kona loves Frosty Paws

  27. We are moving across the country in October and wow–our two dogs would be so much happier with this as a treat!! Thanks!

  28. We gave those backpacks away last month. It really is an awesome set. Best of luck to all who entered and nice of you to host the giveaway.

  29. Snowplow, our St. Bernard loves
    Frosty Paws and I’d love to have this backpack to use on hikes and take
    to the lake with his things in it. Thank you for the giveaway. Rene Chartier

  30. This is a wonderful giveaway. The kids would have a great time with this
    on hikes with our special pal for his things and theirs.The hikes have become
    a committed planned adventure every weekend.

  31. The kids would have a great time with this
    on hikes with our special pal for his things and theirs.The hikes have become
    a committed planned adventure every weekend.

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