Time spent with wild horses, is never wasted time — 15 Comments

  1. THEY ARE THE CUTEST ANIMALS ON THE PLANET and you photography them so well, Mary. These animals make MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That new filly with her knee-high socks, OMG.

  2. Such adorable babies! As for Miss Mischief, perhaps her parent are like some human parents, too busy to watch the kids. Those are the kids who get bored and go looking for trouble as she does.

  3. Hello, I just love ALL the horses. They are beautiful animals. Miss Mischief sounds like she will be causing troubles. Your photos are awesome!
    Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. I don’t know if it’s my phone or a glitch in your settings, but I’m having difficulty with the “like” button.

    Anyway, I love these photos of the young horses – and your tale of Miss Mischief! She is quite the character! A little “wild child”, like my Ducky. ?

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