Today is Torrey’s 7th Birthday — 14 Comments

  1. Oh Torrey, happy 7th birthday! A great number, indeed, and may you bring joy to your family for many years!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Torrey! Love those shots of you in the air, very nice. Katie didn’t like me when Mom brought me home, but we were fast friends withing days. Bailie didn’t like Madison either but they are also the best friends ever. I’m not keen on Bailie or Madison, Katie was my bff but I have Mom. You are one lucky girl to travel around as you do. Enjoy your lucky 7 year!

  3. Happy birthday Torrey!! You and Daisy are now the same age, and we can’t believe Daisy has been with us so long either! We feel like she’s only been with us for a year or two, yet it feels like she’s *always* been part of our family. Have a fun day!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Torrey!! I never realized you were so much younger than Dakota! I thought you both were around the same age! You are still a spring chicken!!! :)

  5. Happy birthday, Torrey!! Wonderful photos! Such a beautiful birthday girl! (And Roxy too!) Love the jumping-for-Cheerios pics. Rita would just sit there and let them fall. She’s not a fan!

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