Torrey cracks me up — 30 Comments

  1. I’m thinking she does NOT want that head scarf on!!

    She would MUCH rather be playing frisbee…nonstop.

    For the rest of her life!! And yours!! Ha!

  2. Bailie and I are pretty happy go lucky dogs, but Katie can be moody and is not afraid to look mad, depressed, neglected, etc. Can’t imagine Torrey looking anything but happy for very long.

  3. Collies are notorious for being pouters but Huxley never sticks with it. I like the head scarf but I feel alone about that for some reason… ;)

  4. Torrey is adorable :) Haley likes to find her squeakiest toy first thing in the morning when I’m still half asleep. Luckily, I have mastered throwing toys with my left hand, while drinking hot tea with my right hand…all while mixing it up with some typing on the notebook, lol!

  5. We love Torrey she cracks us up too! Mom tries that ignore trick when I won’t give her the ball to throw. She’ll sit on the couch watch TV if I get desperate enough I’ll give her a little lick on her shin to get her attention. Hehehe. Love Dolly

  6. I saw that photo on IG and love it! I think she looks divine and I love that the colors in the scarf match her fur so beautifully! She probably doesn’t realize how Jackie-O she looks!

  7. I’m pretty sure she’s thinking she could kill you in your sleep. But I’m sure she could be bought with treats. She looks SO cute in that scarf!! And so dejected in the first shot! She’s adorable.

  8. Methinks she doesn’t love the headscarf! That’s the look Shyla gives me when I put anything on her head!

  9. Lol! Aw! She looks so dejected with her abandoned frisbee in the background. *snickers* Poor little Torrey!
    Hehehe, love the headscarf! Though I don’t know that Torrey is thinking the same thing. ;)

  10. omg that is hilarious!!! We do that to Dakota when it is raining. We put a towel on his head like that and then I say “I’m just a poor, poor Sheltie woman!” lol! (even if he is a boy!)

  11. Torrey is adorable though I am thinking she may not like the headscarf. I’m sorry I haven’t been around much…though we didn’t visit blogs for a few weeks, we were following your adventures and photography on FB.

  12. ha ha, she is a beautiful, cute dog. I think that she loves you very much to put up with you dressing her up in a scarf….kinda like a dad puts up with his daughters putting nail polish on his nails. We do a lot for the ones we love:). But I’m sure it’s a give and take relationship;).

  13. Her face is SO expressive! She’s such a pretty girl! When Cooper feels like I’m not giving the game as much attention as it deserves, he just keeps bopping me with his nose until I do! :)

  14. Oh my goodness, that photo with the scarf is priceless! She does have a very expressive face, so glad she got to play some Frisbee!

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