Torrey goes to Torrey — 15 Comments

  1. You have made a special life, Mary. It is refreshing to see someone who is happy with the life they are leading. Gorgeous photos as always.

  2. Hello, it is a beautiful area. Your landscape shots are lovely. I enjoy seeing Torrey and Roxy too. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  3. Torrey looks very happy in her namesake town! Very pretty area and I love those rocks! The one with the heart shape in it also looks like a face with the two white dots above the heart “mouth”. Those blue rocks are stunning!

  4. Torrey looks like she had a great time visiting her namesake! The second to last landscape picture, with the bright blue sky, is breathtaking. Love Dollt

  5. Every so often it’s good to backtrack and reunite with the past. Torrey looks like a lovely place and I am sure Torrey loved to get back to Torrey. As always lovely photos, Mary.

  6. loved this post! I don’t think I ever knew how Torrey got her name and I loved reading the back story.
    That rock that Al found is just so amazing!!!!
    Gorgeous photos as always!

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