Torrey has a new pair of dog moccasins — 50 Comments

  1. Those are really great and very stylish. I wondered if the sand in the desert ever gets hot too. Torrey will be the best dressed dog in the west. Your mom is talented. :)

  2. They look pretty awesome and comfortable. Just wondering how long it takes to put them on. That is always the issue with shoes at our house.

  3. Torrey, those moccasins are fabulous! I definitely think you should hold out for some beads on them, though! You know, a little paw print on the toe or something! ;)


  4. Oh Wow!
    Those is fabulishious! My hairy slobbery sisters has the same problems with dog boots! Moccasins, your Mommy is so furry smart!

  5. oh Doggie, those are great, cause you guys are out in the desert with stuff that pokes your paws, wonder how they would be in the snow?

    The Mad Scots

  6. Super cute! I hope you add them to your Etsy shop – I can see you selling a lot of them!!! :)

  7. Thanks so much for joining the blog hop! HOLY WOOF, those moccasins are the rockin’ bomb!! I LOVE them. Do you think they could be waterproofed to be used in the rain and snow? I’ve been looking for booties for my dogs, but I like this 100 times better!!

  8. Okay… seriously, Riley needs a pair of these. I am limited in the summer time to going out only in the evening because it’s too hot on the pavement!! Please market these!!! I need a pair so bad :)

  9. I’ve seen a lot of dog footwear, but those a seriously high fashion. We would use them more in the summer because of the hot pavement. Have you considered manufacturing them?

  10. OMD, Those are the cutest shoes EVER!!! What a great idea for protecting Torrey’s feet from cacti. You’re so creative and talented. :)

  11. OMD I love them Torrey! I agree with your aunt, they would look pawtastic with beads on them. But that probably wouldn’t be so practical.

  12. Oh those are pawsome!!! Hey if you have a moment could you email my Mum? She’d like to talk to you about these! ~ Johann (leslie (at)

  13. Oh my gosh, those are awesome!! They are so stylish, yet practical too. :) Do you think those would help with traction at all? Our beagle Kobi wears the Pawz, which are great for the winter. But in the summer we also have them on his back paws to help with traction since his back legs are weak.

  14. Those are fantastic! We need that for the snow and ice and salt here! Mom is going to try to make something similar. If you would market them, mom would buy them for both me (Livvie) and my brother Kessie,

    Livvie from

  15. Those look fabulous, Torrey! You definitely won’t lose them… and they conform to your feet and lower legs. Perfect!

  16. Your mom made you shoes!!! She is so talented. They look great and I hope you never get spines stuck in your foot again, that sounds too painful ):

  17. Homemade?! Those are awesome – I am so impressed! They look way better than the booties you see in the stores! A total must-have for desert dogs, if you ask me!

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