Torrey knows it snowed just for her — 30 Comments

  1. My Poodles hate the snow. We took them to the mountains a few years ago (that’s where we keep our snow) and they barely left the car and pouted the whole time.

  2. Only an animal or a child can love playing in the snow :-) for the rest of us it’s Arizona or somewhere equally dry and warm! Lovely frolicking shots.

  3. She really looks like she’s having a blast. I was getting cold just looking at the photos. So many areas have snow already. We will soon I am sure. Beautiful photos.

  4. Hey Guys

    I’d love it if it snowed just for me here! I think my Mum understands why you prefer the warm weather, she’s a cold wimp too!

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  5. She’s so cute!! Our beagle always gets excited about the first big snow too….she’ll run for her ball and want to play. We’ve only really gotten a dusting so far, but it’s darn cold out! Lucky you, getting away from it, I’m stuck here until it’s over! LOL

  6. Cute dog! Playing is the snow is a favorite of my dogs too, but I always need to use a hair dryer to get the snow clumps out of their fur.

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