Torrey speaks her mind — 31 Comments

  1. I like both pictures of Torrey – the second one is cool, the wind blowing her hair, her nose sniffing out something…Gorgeous scenery.

  2. Gotta love those tongue-sticking-out pics! Always my faves! Those backgrounds are incomparable. I can’t wait to see your other photos of the homestead tomorrow. Lovely.

  3. That first one of Torrey is fabulous (and I have plenty of my dogs with expressions like in her second one). I love your window!!!!

  4. I stopped to see your fence post, but then I was charmed by your beautiful dog in front of the Tetons —what a great photo.

    (Hey, I have photos of myself worse than your second dog shot. And I wasn’t drunk, either.)

  5. I just love your beautiful dog! And the Tetons are looking beautiful. Lovely photos, have a happy weekend!

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