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Toughhound dog collar review — 18 Comments

  1. We have seen these before and think they are interesting but mom loves collars so we have like 50+ collars hanging in our closet for all occasions and times of the year, so in that respect these would be too boring but for those that just want a collar it would be great!

  2. While I really like this idea, the material the collar is made from has me hesitate. I’m currently working on eliminating toxins and going as natural as possible and think the material itself wouldn’t work for me. I am glad to see a collar like this though, as tags can fall off and a chip is only good if the information is up to date and someone has a scanner.

  3. These blog reviews are so helpful. Unlike reviews on a company website, your readers have a good idea what size Torrey is, so they can see if something like this would work for them.

  4. I like the idea of the tag information being on the collar instead of dangling on it. And I think my Labrador Maya would do great with a waterproof collar. They even have them in pink, which Maya looks great in! :)

  5. I was asked about doing a review for them and life got in the way so I didn’t get around to it, but I was really curious about it. I might still think about getting one for Kuster when he’s working. It looks durable and the buckle size probably won’t be an issue for his big bear head! Thanks for the review!

  6. I like Nylon collars the best but love the tag idea. a removable tag would be great for putting it on other collars if your dog was going to grow. My dogs had expensive tags that didn’t last. They clanged together with their licences and rabie tags and were not readable after a month

  7. Yeah, I like the idea of the name on the buckle. Unlike your pups,mine is pretty big and could easily wear a big collar. Thanks for the info!

  8. Great review! I would love to see that kind of tag on a martingale type collar! My husband and I have Road ID’s (for bike riding and running) that have the same type of tag!

  9. Thanks for posting this review! I’m not a huge fan of most dangly tags either. Athena’s a 6 lb mini doxie puppy so even the smallest tags seem huge on her. I haven’t even put her rabies tag on he collar yet b/c it’s just too big.

    P.S. I also love how your comment form has a spot for a Twitter username.

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