Transition-Trash to Treasure — 18 Comments

  1. Oh Mary, OMG!!!!!!!!! Those images, the first ones especially of the sea glass stacked up, I THINK THESE ARE MY FAVORITES! The colors are that cool blue that I love, and the texture, so perfect! The way you stacked them up, focused on just them; it’s as if you created a poem buy structuring the image in just the right way. These are outstanding! Now you’re making me think I need to get out my sea glass from the years we spent living across from Beverly Cove, Massachusetts!

  2. Hello, the sea glass is beautiful. Lovely images and I like your pretty heart. Have a happy day!

  3. your photos are art pieces, they would make fabulous wallpapers. I will look for seglass when we visit the beach next time…but probably I will find only weird things there…the only thing I brought home from the beach by now was a 5-cent coin… better than nothing :o)

    • I’m glad you like the photos. I was pretty thrilled with the way they turned out too. They would make pretty wallpapers. And a five cent coin is cool too.

  4. I will take out those pieces! I remember we found one of the aqua pieces and we always treasure that! You inspire, Mary. XOXOX

  5. I love the sea glass too! I haven’t been to the ocean in a long time but, as a girl, I used to search for it along the Atlantic coast. I loved sea glass like you do. Great photos of it!

  6. These are beautiful photos. I’d love to know what that pink glass was originally – probably some kind of bowl. That was a deeply molded pattern to have lasted even after being tossed around in the sea! I like the ceramics on the driftwood – you always manage to find heart-shaped things. I think it’s a wonderful metaphor for your lifestyle. :)

  7. I LOVE sea glass. When we are down in North Carolina and I walk the beach, that’s what I look for. Yes, they still dump trash in the Ocean, I was disappointed to learn that when I sailed on the USS Lincoln from San Diego to Seattle.

    Not sure of the history on the west coast, but on the east coast there are lots of sunken ships so I imagine some of the sea glass could come from that.

  8. Those are so cool! I think I told you I had a friend who was hunting for sea glass last time we were at the beach. I didn’t really get it at the time, but you have me wanting to go hunt for it too (though she didn’t find any where we were in Maine)!

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