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Travel truths you need to accept in order to stay happy on the road — 8 Comments

  1. God morning Mary! I missed your posts this week; school started and the morning hours that I have to RUN out of the door are ridiculous, and unless I get up at 3:30am, I can’t get to visit my favorite blogs! If I do get up by 3:30am, what I prefer to do is have QUIET time, looking at the stars, thinking about what I would love to do during the day…but this practice is now in the past, the summer days of vacation.

    Traveling as you share here is the best way. I have never been one to rush through my holidays; touring groups and all that are fine for some, but for me, I want my freedom for several reasons, but the main one is for the peace and relaxation and the INPUT from the stimuli. What a great way to travel! Enjoy your weekend. Anita

  2. I so agree for the hotels, it can ruin the whole trip if some want to see the location and the nature while others expect a whirlpool and a plasma tv in a hotel room for 30 bucks per night :o(

  3. Hello, this is a great post and wonderful advice. I have to remember the earplugs for our trip. Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!

  4. We still read your blog all the time, but mostly in our email, so we don’t often comment…
    LOVE the travel tips…especially the Patience one! Too many people want everything RIGHT NOW!
    Cio and thanks
    Nellie’s Mom

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