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Where have the traveling dogs been lately — 27 Comments

  1. That is a fun idea. Wow, already back in Utah. You do get around but it is probably nice to settle in one spot for a bit. I guess you go to AZ for the winter?

  2. Love the new graphics. So much fun! I am traveling too. We are in Albuquerque for the Internstional Balloon Fiesta and my adoption day on Saturday.

  3. That is so cool! I hope you enjoy your time in Utah. Arizona sounds like a good place to be for the winter though!

  4. Yes I do love your new map Torrey…did you notice that your icons make an arrowhead? Now that you have this map momz can stop looking up all your stops herself :)

  5. that is a great and fun idea!!
    Be sure to stop by Dakota’s blog tomorrow. We are sharing a contest from a major company (it is for TRAVELING DOGS!!!!) It isn’t our contest but it is so good we thought we would share. It will go “live” at 1am ET…..be sure to stop by!

  6. Roxy, that map is totally cool. You are going to make me SO jealous as I follow your travels. I adore Utah… we go there several times a year to visit the desert when we need a break from the mountain winter.

    Have fun!

  7. We have to get to Utah sometime!! And Arizona too!! We usually stick to the southern states and head on out to MN every now and then! Love the map!!

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