Trying to adjust — 19 Comments

  1. Thanks so much again and congratulations to all of the other winners as well! Hoping things fall into place for you soon so that darling Torrey can be smiling again! Love from your “excited” winner!!!

  2. We hope you find a better spot soon! Gorgeous pics, as always. And, congrats to all of the lucky winners. I am thrilled to have been lucky enough to win and can’t wait to get my necklace! Thank you!!!

  3. Your post made me chuckle at an old memory. Back in the 90’s sometime, John and I did a southwestern vacation. We flew into Albuquerque, and then drove across the southwest for the next week or so. We did all sorts of fun things like mountain bike down Sandia Peak, horseback ride into a canyon with cave dwellings with a native American guide, went white water rafting on the Rio Grande, etc. And even though it was prime tourist season and we had been warned it would be crowded, we really saw very few people. Very pleasant, to say the least. However, our return flight was out of Las Vegas and after a week in the relatively empty countryside, arriving in that hustle and bustle was quite a culture shock! We must have looked like deer in headlights as we stared around at all the dressed up people and CROWDS everywhere. I’ll never forget that feeling! LOL!

  4. We just love your photos, they are amazing! Hope you get your RV spot soon. Will you be able to stay for a while at that point, then or are you moving on again soon?

  5. Oh, what awesome photos….I just love the little Nuthatch!! I hope you are able to get settled in there soon, and congratulations to all of your lucky winners!

  6. That is a stunning photo! And I adore Utah, even some of those “I don’t know if anyone will ever find me if my car breaks down” places. Lake Powell is my fave location for scenery – simply stunning. Will have to go back someday soon. Hope you get into the waiting list camp location soon!

  7. Sure hope you are able to get in to your favorite spot soon…it is not fun waiting. Your pictures are gorgeous!! Congratulations to all of your winners!!

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