Unexpected Beauty — 14 Comments

  1. Ooooooooo, horse-watching! How I’d love that. And this fellow is precious, with such fabulous markings, Mary! And, roses and any other dying flower are excellent specimens to photograph. I find myself empty handed a lot, during the winter especially, for photography scenes. But I’ve been learning to photograph wilting flowers and other unexpected treasures. Time and time again, I learn that photography and poetry go hand in hand; you have to use the unexpected sometimes to make the art.

  2. Raindrops on leaves and snowflakes are both so fun and interesting to photograph and play around with!

  3. Hello, Mary! The rose images are beautiful. I love the texture. The horse is just awesome! Happy Sunday, enjoy your day!

  4. You are so creative, and the results are beautiful. Enjoy your horse watching, your nieces will surely love it!

  5. It’s funny you should say that about raindrops, because my daughter and I always muse about the miniature worlds in raindrops. As much as I normally prefer natural photography without much enhancement, I do love photoshopped raindrop images where you see flowers inside the raindrops – that’s one artistic take I think is so pretty. I love your picture of the beaded bag with the dead roses; the first thing I thought when I saw them was that the have those perfect dusty, dead Victorian colorings, and the bag pairing was ideal for that. Great shot.

    • Thanks, I loved the color on the roses too. That’s what caught my eye. I wish I could preserve them just like that, but I think they are going to fade.

  6. I love the results of your “playing around” with still-life photography! Each photo is perfectly set up and gorgeous! And the horse is stunning!

    I’m sure the wild horses will be breathtaking and provide you and your nieces with some wonderful memories to treasure. Just the visit alone will provide great treasures for you and the girls.

  7. Hi Mary, I love the raindrop shot. Adding the texture to the rose image is so beautiful!
    It’s always a treat to view your horse photo. :)

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