Using Vintage Finds to Create an Awesome New Piece — 10 Comments

  1. WOW! I remember last summer, I went to the local Minnehaha Falls and experimented with my shutter speeds. I loved the result of the silken water! And the sky change here, Mary, WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to get some kind of program that will allow me to do these fun tricks. And of course, the horses in that photo are special; the white one with his back legs in the air! Great vintage piece as well, with the old wood and aqua drawers!

  2. Mom had that exact same piano stool growing up. Sadly, she and her brother played spin games on it so much it broke and was tossed out. That is a shame! The piece Al has made is wonderful. I would say priceless. Wonderful work!

  3. I see those glass-footed piano stools at antique auctions all the time, and it kills me that people rarely buy them. I think they’ve got so much character, I’m so glad to see one restored so beautifully. That’s a very clever and great looking piece Al created, I love the whole upcycle movement that’s been going on. So many wonderful old things are saved and so many wonderful new pieces are created.

  4. I love Al’s work, and in particular, the thoughtfulness and love with which it is imbued.

    And ask always, your work captures both the beauty and the essence of the wild horses! No matter the sky above. <3

  5. Beautiful wood work by Al! I can tell his passion for perfectionism.
    Love the horse photo, excellent!
    Thank you so much, Mary for sharing with us. :)

  6. I love that Al incorporated some of his special pieces and memories into one piece, that he could bring with him.

    The photos are (of course) amazing. I have no idea if my camera lets me play with shutter speed, I have all I can do to set a timer on it when I need to. :-)

  7. I love Al’s vintage piece. It looks just perfect. It’s so cool how he can make something gorgeous out of bits and pieces that aren’t too much each by themselves.

    I love the sky swap. It made the photo far more dramatic!

  8. What a great way for Al to bring pieces of the shop with him, and to still have a bit more than just the memories!

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