Vacationing With Your Dogs in an RV — 8 Comments

  1. It makes such sense to be on your own and have all of your loved ones ON THE GROUND with you at the helm. Oh Mary, have a super summer and keep those wild Mustangs a comin’!

  2. Hello, traveling in a RV sounds like fun. I wish I felt comfortable driving one, they are so big. Thanks for sharing, have a happy day and new week!

  3. Both dogs we had didn’t like to ride in a car. Mackenzie used to trembled the entire time in the car and Evan wouldn’t get in the car and he was 65 pounds. :)

  4. I miss the days of camping with our dogs! We had to give it up when we increased our family to four dogs, and no campgrounds would allow that many. :(

  5. When I was still working, I had to go on “business trips” at least twice a year. I hated having to leave my girls – even though hubby was home with them – so now that we’re both retired, we just prefer to stay home. And I’ve gotten to the point where driving is just another chore. I hate it. Or should I say I hate having to be on the road with the maniacs who make it nerve-wracking. My girls are happy and content to spend the day playing in the yard with me, or going to the ball field across the street.

  6. The hubs and I definitely want to try this some time with Rita. But for some reason she’s gotten more and more anxious when we go on looong car rides (she’s fine on short rides – hops right in the car happily) – so we’re not sure she’s going to like it! Such a bummer cuz we’ve been talking about doing this for years once the hubs retires. We need to try it with a rental and see how it goes.

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