Valley of Fire State Park — 15 Comments

  1. the rock desert reminds me a little of a rock dessert… it looks like caramel sauce over a chocolate cake…(that die-t lets me see food in everything lol)

  2. What a stunningly beautiful place! Wow! And I love that ‘nowhere is my favourite place’.

    The raven flying in front of the rock is very provocative.

    Thank you Mary for sharing this special place.

  3. Great photos. Rocks are pretty in photos, but not our thing in person. We never want to go to Utah again, Mom didn’t like it as a kid, and she really dislikes it after our trip to Vegas, but your photos are gorgeous. We also agree that nowhere is our favorite place. People always ask Mom where her favorite place is in the world since she has traveled so much and she always says there is no one place.

    • Ya, I would avoid Utah for anything more than a short visit, if I could. I love rocks though, always have. So interesting to think about the time in a rock.

  4. Awesome photos, Mary. Amazing rock structures. I love thinking about what the world was like during each historical layer revealed.

  5. This is an amazing park! You can hike all the popular trails in one day for a total of seven miles. My daughter and I made a one day trip out while she was visiting us in Vegas and we did the whole park. Then, John and I returned and stayed in the gorgeous park campground. We then explored each area in more depth. The nice part about this park is that they encourage you explore anywhere and everywhere. The whole park is slickrock and a giant playground. We have been back a couple times. The rock colors are amazing!! So glad you had a little time to see its beauty:)

  6. Valley of Fire is quite something, isn’t it. I visited the park some years ago and was astonished. In these photos you not only captured the special beauty of the rock formations, but did it with a personal touch. Beautifully done.

  7. When we lived in Las Vegas in the early nineties, I used to enjoy visiting Lake Mead and Valley of Fire. Back then, there was no admittance fee anywhere. Loved it. Fantastic photos of a beautiful area.

  8. Wow…. the colors are stunning! I can see why you got up for the morning light. It made the rock glow even more. Thanks for sharing!

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