Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada-Part 1 — 14 Comments

  1. YOU got a new camera????? And look at what you have to shoot! Mary, are ya havin’ fun, my friend? It sure looks like it!

  2. Those first photos definitely look like fire rocks. Utah in general, and all the rock is not really something we like too much, but sometimes there are spots that are amazing do make great photos.

  3. Hello, Utah is a beautiful state. I love the lighting on the rock formations. The formations are cool, great shapes. Congrats on your new camera!
    Have a happy day and weekend!

  4. Stunning. I have always wanted to explore the desert rocks of the west. If you must know, I’ve even started eyeing used RV sites–wondering if we can travel by water in the winter and by RV in the summer.

  5. Looks like your new camera is working well! :) We stopped there for some quick hikes last year and it was SO gorgeous! A couple of days of hiking there would be great!

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