Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada-Part 2 — 13 Comments

  1. Goodness. Such a rich story telling moment, with all the rich hues of primative living, then topped off with that wonderful silhouette of nature. Mary, what a rush of thrilling beauty.

  2. The striped colors definitely make the rocks look more interesting. That last sheep photo at sunset is perfect!

  3. Wow, those are all gorgeous. Love that last one! We SO hoped to see some b.h.sheep when we were in Joshua Tree this week, but we never did. :( (Did see a “chocwalla” – sp?? – though… some sort of big ol’ lizard. Would rather have seen a sheep!) :)

  4. I always liked Pink Canyon – glad you got to see it this trip. I’m surprised that you encountered the bighorns near the fire wave trail. They usually don’t like crowds. Nice photos of the bighorns overall, and probably best that you didn’t see them in bright sunlight.

    • Our first encounter with bighorn sheep was this same evening, right by the mouse tanks trail head. There were about 6 right beside the road eating the grass. Of course everyone was stopping and getting that cell phone shots. We kept a respectable distance, but others weren’t. The last shot was right above there. When we saw the two at Fire wave trail they moved through pretty fast. There were people there, but I wouldn’t say it was packed. (this from a non people person) That night we saw several on the big bluff at the beginning of that trail. Our very best bighorn encounter was the next day though. I will have photos of that on Thursday.
      I thought about you and your photos while we were there. How lucky you are to be so close. I could wander there for days taking photos.

  5. Stunning scenery and it gives me the sense of the power of nature to create these rock forms. It’s like looking back at causation of natural history.

  6. Hello, the layers of colors are just stunning. Beautiful rock formations! Cool sighting of the Boghorn Sheep. The last moon photo is awesome.
    Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  7. That last photo is amazing, and the colors of the VOF are spectacular. Do you submit to many wildlife magazines? I totally think you should!!

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