Valley of Fire State Park — 12 Comments

  1. We have also enjoyed a stay at Valley of Fire State Park. We were fortunate to see several sheep and a desert tortoise. The rock formations, slot canyons, and petroglyphs make it a great place to visit.

  2. The scenery there is so interesting with the rock formations and different colors. The sheep really put on quite a show for you!! I especially love the shots of the one up high on the rocks with the blue sky behind him.

  3. I bet the rocks took on a darker , richer color after the rain. I always enjoy the smell after it rains in the desert… so fresh.

    Since I have been here… almost 6 years… I have never seen the Bighorn Sheep! I need to come be a fly on the wall, ummm well maybe your camera so I can see some!

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. WOW! The colors of the desert are just breathtaking!! And I love the bighorns – and the way they seem to enjoy posing for you. Sad that there were not as many ravens this year.

  5. The sheep look great. Mom doesn’t like Utah at all. There is nothing there but rock and she says she has seen it and that was plenty for her. A lot of people love Utah, but not her thing. Seeing the sheep would be fun.

  6. Wow, those bighorn sheep photos are exquisite. I love the very first one most of all, with the way that he climbed up on the rocks for you. His silhouette against the blue sky is incredible.

  7. Valley of Fire is such an amazing place. I been there, but I remember from your previous posts about it, that it never looks the same. Cool that you were able to capture the bighorns.

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