Vintage Motorcycles and Cars — 14 Comments

  1. oh how great to see this wonderful bikes… they were the real heroes of my childhood… sadly my short career as a biker girl ended painful… for me and my beloved honda shadow ;o)

  2. Good morning, Mary! Great detail on those bikes and cars; the real metal details are stunning. Great photos, as always!

  3. Mom isn’t much into cars and not at all into motorcycles, but good photos of either are quite nice for the eyes to look at!

  4. Cool pictures. I did old car shows too! My first car was a Pontiac Catalina Convertible. Gah, I loved that car! My second was an older Malibu but for the life of me, I can’t remember what year. Boy, do I miss those cars!

  5. I don’t care too much about motorcycles, but I love old cars and anything vintage. My hubby would love the motorcycles too though!

  6. I agree with Otto, you capture the beauty and energy. The texture, details, and the angle you took are amazing, say the least.
    The second one blew me away!

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