Vintage Shasta can – ABFriday — 26 Comments

  1. OH MARY….GOODNESS this is awesome. Next to writing, good photography makes my heart and eyes SING! YES! I have photoshop and I never thought of using these functions you used. Your original is good, but now I can see how some photos out there I love are enhanced. I’ve always wondered HOW people get certain colors and light so right….this is marvelous.

    And Al’s rendition is LOVELY! I like your “team” – you take the photos, he transforms them with paint. Brilliant indeed. Anita

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  3. Nice job, both you guys! Your photo somehow also reminds me of a Rockwell painting, does that make sense? *wags* – Gilligan from

  4. Mary, yes, yes, very Andy Warhol-like! You (and Al) have turned an otherwise nice image into ones with a definite “wow” factor! Love your idea to put the butterfly on the can too :) Thanks so much for returning to ABFriday this week!

  5. I love what you accomplished. Al’s version is also very good. The only thing I like about the sooc original is the butterfly you placed on top. Your processing has made an OK image into one I love!

  6. Much better than Andy Warhol, in my humble opinion! Love the juxtaposition. You both have such insight into art waiting to be discovered.

  7. Wow, Mary, those are both really great. I love how you accented the shadows in the photo, and Al’s take on it is so cool as well. You two really inspire creativity in each other!

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