Vintage trucks in black and white — 24 Comments

  1. remember you told me it takes a short time for RV water heater to get stinky. Found out when we got to NV! PU! Love the truck pics. 110 degrees. New name is” traveling with spray bottle” Also she who wears tank top and has flabby arms!

  2. great photo. Makes it seem like we are part of the past.
    Happy Sunday!

  3. I love photos that make me want more! I’ll be wondering all day if it’s a car show or is this someones’s private collection… and having the feeling coming upon these is like a Twilight Zone episode…

  4. Hi Mary! Now this is awesome: LIVIN’ THE LIFE. Absolutely. I thank you kindly for coming over today and leaving a comment! I always enjoy when someone new comes around and lets me know they were there. I am having the best day out in my garden, and I’m tired, but SO HAPPY!

    Enjoy the good life and I too am an “artist” – and a wannabe poet. ENJOY! Anita

  5. A perfect subject for black and white! Do you ever wonder how vehicles end up in crazy resting places, right in the middle of the forest? I sure do… We have a Model T, all rusted out, resting in our forest.

  6. You’re not kidding. They are awesome in B&W. Perfect shot. I love seeing them all lined up. So much history in that row of cars.

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