Virginia City & Nevada City, Montana — 15 Comments

  1. GORGEOUS. You took me back to the days when my father would drive us out to some of the ghost towns in California. By being in these places, you really do get a ghostly feel for what life may have been like back then. That toy display especially is very telling. Dolls, miniature furniture…the “basics” for a girl child to master: child-rearing, housekeeping. INTERESTING!

    Again, your photos are brilliant.

  2. Well of course you know you really got to my heart with this post. I would have spent hours in that general store checking out all the original old items. What a find that town is! It’s fascinating that a small number of people actually live there, I LOVE that idea. I also love old ornate doorknobs, but I’ve never seen one with two locks either, and I’ve stayed in countless 19th century homes with original hardware. The steam engine track photo is fabulous, it looks like a dinosaur spine…or the spikes on an evil dragon’s back LOL!! Thanks for the tour, Mary, I truly enjoyed it. :)

    • I was thinking of you, and wishing you could visit this place. You would have died and gone to heaven. These photos are only a fraction of what we saw. And a few of the buildings were just a bit too dark to get photos. But all the stuff! I was amazed at the mercantile items. Buttons still on cards to sell, fabric still on bolts, clothing with makers tags still attached. Saddlery things from the most famous saddle maker in Montana. It was a blast to see.

  3. Hello, awesome shots on this historical town. I am glad it is preserved. I love the rivet shadow shot and the saloon is cool. Great post. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  4. It’s amazing that there are a few places like this where the artifacts ARE still there, as if they were untouched since the possessor of the items placed them there!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful tour, Mary. It’s wonderful to see how well they are preserved.
    Great photos!

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