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  1. Not been an easy week to understand…let the dust settle. Well it is nearly 6 months since the upheaval of Brexit here in the UK and that dust just will not settle. We are still wondering where all the hatred and intolerance came from expressed by many hitherto rational people. I do think that politicians everywhere have to wake up to the fact that people no longer trust them, they have to listen and respond. But above all else people want and need to be able to be recognised as individuals not grouped together on block and treated as a statistic. Next they have to recognise that austerity does not work particularly when it is the working and middle classes that face the austerity measures whilst watching the selfish corporates get richer. Maybe globalisation in its current formulation doesn’t help. Wounds will take time to heal (that old saying about stick and stones and names isn’t true…it hurts for some). The only clear fact is that in the UK and the USA there has been a change but a change that has yet to be implemented. Keep smiling

    • Thanks so much for your insight from the other side of the pond. You bring up some great points, that are certainly relevant for both issues. I wish the people that were talking about peace and harmony would get as much press as the negative people. We have to outnumber them, right? It is an upheaval, and I am waiting with fingers crossed that everything will somehow turn out OK.

  2. Dearest Mary,

    So much to say here, but I will say that I agree with you 100%.

    Nature brings me peace. The horses, well, you know how I feel about them. (AND, I somehow missed any announcement on a winner of the horse print???)

    Then there was this week. I was rocked emotionally more than I thought I’d be, and so many questions and feeling running rampant not just in my mind, but for my students. And our world is being rocked, however; like you said here, some good things are seeping out of all this turmoil. I like many others, are beginning to understand that WE must become more involved in some way to make a difference within our own lives, community and in the world at large.

    I too have quit my blog and Instagram is where I’ll be now always to share my work. I will see you there dear friend.

    • Anita it must be hard for you, and every other educator out there to explain all the turmoil to your students. How do you explain to young minds that the world is off it’s rocker, but they need to stay calm and focused. And the giveaway was won by Taryn, so sorry the randomizer didn’t pick your name this time.

  3. Your photography has become so amazing in such a short time, you can be really proud. It’s great to take a break from things. We post regularly on the blog, but we also rotate around the social media thing. Sometimes we are into Instagram, sometimes Pinterest, variety is what keeps it interesting. We stay out of politics, it is a circus and we don’t need that. It is just sad with the violence that goes on as it serves no purpose.

  4. Very tempting to just ride into the sunset at this point. Much better idea to contribute to the things which matter to us; really appreciate that you’re donating proceeds from your sales to help the horses!

  5. I hope your wish comes true… it is the time we all should stay together …
    you are an artist and sometimes I think you have a magic cam :o) I love the photos and if I see this wonderful horses, I have the wild horses song of belinda carlisle in my mind… think I sing it to the pup in an endless loop, he dug two holes today and that’s his punishment LOL

  6. Love these magnificent photos, Mary. So much strikes me about each one but I don’t want to ramble on. You are so blessed to be spending your life away from the noise and crowds, I understand how you feel. I love the peace I find in the woods, and I feel particularly drawn to them during times of unrest. It’s not a solution, but it is a way of refreshing my mind and spirit so I can return more productive. And I agree – we need unity and understanding, not violence and finger-pointing. Of any type.

  7. Dear Mary,
    Your thoughts and insights on this week hit a bullseye! The violent protests from the people who did not support Trump need to stop immediately! Protesting is a good thing, when done in a peaceful way. With the destruction of property, the message is easy to disregard and ignore. On the other side, the hate directed at liberals, Native Americans, Latinos, African Americans and women is deplorable. Really? This is what our country believes? The current and new leaders need to step up and lead. I love the way you are giving back!!! Thank you for donating to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign. Everything helps! And, yes, we all can make a difference! Each in on our own way….we are stronger together ☺.
    Love You, Candy

  8. Thanks Candy. I do believe that the majority of the people in this country are good, and kind, and want peace for everyone. Sadly, the news only reports the violence and the meanness, making it look like we are all that way. We are stronger, and louder together when we put our voices together for peace. Love you too.

  9. It’s been a really rough election season. I (stupidly) thought it would get better after the election but I think it’s about 100X worse. You are right though – it is encouraging to see folks getting behind the things they believe in. Good for your for supporting public lands. I am going to look into various groups and decide which to support. There are so many groups now that need support and so many I want to support but I need to try to figure out which are the best/most effective. I think I’ll feel a bit better about things once I feel like I’m helping – even if it’s just in my own small way.

    • It is 100 times worse, it’s all just crazy and discouraging. But yes, find a small way to help a cause you love. Every little bit helps!

  10. This is a wonderful post, Mary, very well said. I’d gotten away a little bit from donating to conservation and nature organizations, thanks for the reminder that they are going to need us more than ever now. I feel the same way as you do about nature, I don’t think I could breathe without it. I also share your feelings and worries about the election, and how we should be reacting to it. We not only need to hope for the best, but do our best to have our voices heard.

  11. Yes, Mary, too many people fail to see the bottom line such as yourself. Too many people focus on hatred, preying on the weaknesses of others. A lot of people need to wake up and realize what matters!! Your wild horses matter…I am glad to hear you support them!!…:)JP

      • By doing just what you are doing! It is so unlikely that any of us will rise up to save the world by ourselves, but these simple acts: supporting a cause that is important to you, asking questions of someone you disagree with and REALLY listening to the answers, treating every single person with respect and compassion, speaking out against hate-that is how we change the world. And staying informed! Gads, I have been the worst at that. I am now receiving the newsletters from all my elected officials and I will be reading them. I have emailed them all to introduce myself and I will continue to let them know what issues are important to me. You know, I am finding it sort of ironic that 8 years ago Obama won largely as a Washington outsider and on a campaign of change. If I can truly listen to why so many people voted for Trump (besides the ones that really do believe in white supremacy) they also wanted an outsider and change. Ok, the people have spoken. Let’s change this two party system and get it working again! Just my opinion ☺.

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