Watching a Moose Strip his Velvet Covered Antlers — 17 Comments

  1. Pretty neat to see! Without hands to help out, it would be quite an undertaking, but he did well. I like the camo look myself!

  2. OH wow, these are just amazing captures of the moose. What a neat sighting. Awesome photos, I like the cute video too. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. I’m surprised by how bloody and sore his antlers look – I hadn’t thought of shedding velvet as a potentially uncomfortable event, but it doesn’t look like something I’d want to go through! Nice shots.

  4. That’s an amazing series of photos, I had no idea it was a somewhat “bloody” process. I read that after moose lose their velvet, they mate and then after the mating season, they lose their antlers and grow them back over the next year. Is that right?? I thought it took years for a moose to grow antlers that big! ::feeling a bit naive…::

    • That’s exactly how it works. They will be rutting, and mating soon. The antlers fall off usually in January. Then they start growing again in early spring. And yes, it takes years to grow a large set of antlers.

  5. What a fantastic series, Mary! He was very patient though and did a good job to get rid of it. :)
    Great shots, I was wondering how close you were…

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  7. This is amazing. I had no idea that the antlers bled when they are being shed. Your time lapse video was great too!

  8. I had to pop over from the other one and check this guy out. I loved your commentary on the photos, but I’m curious as to how you tell these guys apart?

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